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Rumors: Okami Wii, Kingdom Hearts prequel and 'GTA Batman'

Ross Miller

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has once again provided some juicy rumors care of the Quartermann column. Q has added some kindling to rumorang fire of Okami for the Wii, suggesting that Capcom is already developing an upgraded port.

On the Square Enix front, rumor has it that Kingdom Hearts has a "series of prequels currently in-the-works for a number of consoles and handhelds." That would fall in line, at least partially, with what Tetsuya Nomura said back in May that the next KH game would not be KHIII but rather a spin-off for portables.

The third rumor presented is that "a popular studio" is working on an open-ended, Grand Theft Auto-style title based on Batman.

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