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Samsung unveils hot ass 'Bordeaux' laser printers

Evan Blass

"Damn, that's one fine ass printer you've got sitting on your desk" isn't a phrase you hear from guests too often -- if ever -- but we'll bet francs to frites that Samsung's new ML-1631K and SCX-4501K 'Bordeaux'-branded models will draw more than their fair share of oohs and aahs sitting next to your rig. With all the info on these laser printers frustratingly confined to Korean, we're hard up to tell you even one damn spec about them save for their thicknesses (12 and 16.5 centimeters, respectively), so forget all that PPM and DPI jazz you'd normally be expecting. Instead, sit back and take in one of the first attempts we've seen in a long time to give the office workhorse a much needed makeover; you listening, HP? More pics after the break....

[Thanks, Jayoung R. and Soonam K.]

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