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Sequel day continues with Luminous Arc


Image Epoch isn't wasting any time unloading the sequel to their first effort, Luminous Arc. Marvelous Interactive has announced that they will publish the sequel in Japan by year's end, despite the fact that the first only hit there this past February! But is that really the best time for this sequel? At year's end, Luminous Arc 2 will have a lot of similar competition fighting it out on Japanese shelves. There's Dragon Quest IV, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, the thus-far irresistible Archaic Sealed Heat ... and we're just scratching the surface. Let's hope Luminous Arc 2 Will doesn't get lost in the shuffle. The sequel does promise more in the way of content, equipment and battles, as well as more of the eye-catching art style that brought the first into the spotlight. We'll keep our eyes peeled to see if this latest entry can hold its own.

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