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Today in Joystiq: August 29, 2007

Ross Miller

Take a moment to reflect. Peter Marks is a member of the Bungie community for over a decade and is responsible for designing the incredibly fun Halo map Hang 'em High, among others. Marks has been diagnosed with "an aggressive form of cancer." Here is an open letter; please send your well-wishes.

Contest: Cosplay as Kratos, win a PSP
PAX 07: Joystiq Interviews Obsidian's Nathan Davis about NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer
Phil Cohen talks up God of War: Betrayal
Readers pick best BioShock comic: on guard
Today's gassiest video: Raving Rabbids 2 Belch Olympics

Variety's Metroid Corruption review highlights message conflict
Sam and Max Season Two trailer online
Streets of Rage 2 sneaks on to XBLA today
Call of Juarez demo finally finds its way to Live
Meet Tekken 6's new fatty: Bob
Calif. Sen. Leland Yee favors AO rated games on consoles
Casual games bridge generation gap, report finds
BioShock's helping hand to Unreal Engine 3's image
Halo 3 goes gold, pray your Xbox doesn't brick
Nokia unveils N-Gage gaming platform
GT5 Prologue out this year via PSN and Blu-ray
Wii's Project O unveiled with dev team fit for a King
White PlayStation 2 bundled with SingStar and mics for $150
LocoRoco PS3 dated for Japan's PSN Sept. 21
Lord of the Rings Online free 7-day trial

Rumors & Speculation
Virtua Fighter 5 may not be on Japanese Xbox 360
Rumor: EA out of E for All
Rumors: Okami Wii, Kingdom Hearts prequel and 'GTA Batman'

Culture & Community
Samus gets a secret call from Iwata
Press Start: The Movie
Ubisoft contest asks you to shoot down planes, undress dames

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