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White PlayStation 2 bundled with SingStar and mics for $150

With the aging PlayStation 2 platform having no trouble besting its big brother in sales every month (not to mention the Xbox 360), Sony has their eyes aimed squarely at the one home console that everyone seems to want: the Wii. This November, they're giving the normally black or silver PS2 a Wii-styled whitewashing, controller and all, and jamming a copy of casual supergame, SingStar Pop, along with two mics into the box. And exactly how much would you expect to spend on this incredible bundle? $300? No! $200? No!

You'll get it all for the low, low price of $150 US ($160 CDN). With casual games like Buzz! and crossover hits like Guitar Hero, the PlayStation 2 SingStar bundle should prove to be quite an attractive option for those families hunting for the undoubtedly still-suffering-from-shortages Wii this November.

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