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WoW Insider at Dragon*Con Redux


We're packing up the last of the swag (which took up a whole suitcase of its own!) and prepping for the road. But before we head out, I thought it best to go over some of the last details for Dragon*Con. Additionally, for those headed there, we've got the scoop on some last-minute track changes that we've heard about, and some great information culled from various Dragon*Con sources for all your convention needs.

For those of you who won't be able to make it, but are curious to read more about WoW Insider's inaugural trek (no pun intended) to Dragon*Con, I've also added some information that will help you find all the latest and greatest straight from us on the convention floor.

All of our panels are pretty well set at this point, but the folks from the machinima track let me know that there was a change to their information as well as the addition of two late-night Machinima screening parties. Per a message I got from Romily:

Just a note on the Machinima 101 segment being shown Saturday morning at 10am as noted on your WoW Insider post. Unfortunately, the original copy everyone has access to says nothing about the fact that, in addition to speakers, there is an hour and a half of machinima being shown, including some award winning WoW machinima. The machinima starts Saturday at 10am with the speakers panel beginning at 11:30am.

Also - just added! Two late night machinima screenings also including WoW Machinima music videos and the award winning series "The Grind." They are happening on Sunday at 4am and Monday at 4am. They will each have unique content so be sure to come out and see both!

Before anyone asks, yes, that's 4:00 in the morning. It is indeed that kind of convention where things go on well into the wee hours. There's just that much cool stuff to see and do! But never fear -- have coffee, will travel.

Also, for those who may be new to Dragon*Con, or for those who just like to have the best information they can get, here are some fabulous links culled from all over the 'net:

Now, for those who won't be able to make it, you can follow my updates and Elizabeth's on the brand-shiny-new WoW Insider Twitter feed. Of course, we will also be posting here with cool happenings and pictures over the weekend too. If anything new and Warcrafty happens, we'll be certain to report back with all the best!

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