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LG's HS101 portable LED Chocolate-inspired projector arrives


We could hardly believe the audacity when LG first started touting its Chocolate hand held projector, but now that they've played down the cross-branding -- it's just known as the HS101 now -- and rounded out a few more of the specs, we're beginning to see the light. The teensy, 1.7 pound LED DLP projector runs at a 2000:1 contrast ratio, with 800 x 600 pixels at a standard 4:3 ratio. The LED is rated at 20,000 hours, which means an end to extravagant bulb purchases. There are of course those soft-touch keys, and a lot of black all over, but we won't begrudge LG those little Chocolate nods. Inputs include DV, D-Sub and DVI, and the projector will be available worldwide for 799 Euros ($1090 US).

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