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PS3 60GB are officially all out in the wild


PC World reports all the 60GB PS3s are out of the house and looking for a home. Sony's Dave Karraker confirms, "We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouses. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers." So, if you still want a PS3 without limited backwards compatibility, here's your last chance. Once the 60GB sell out, that's all she wrote.

Now, we have to ask, was it all a clearance sale or will the 80GB drop down to the $499 price once the channel is cleared? Karraker says, "We won't be making any further announcements ... until the 60GB model is exhausted and market conditions are evaluated." Place your bets if it'll be before or after the holiday. Whatever it takes to build that install base at this point.

[Thanks Marcus]

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