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Red Ring of Death visits Orland for lunch


When our own Kyle Orland isn't writing around this joint, he's either doing something with NPR, scribbling about the media, or keeping up with his own website; where he tries to play a game every weekday during lunch and write about it. Today's piece is a tragic one where he chronicles what happened minute by minute:

0:01 I put BioShock in my disc drive and turn the power on.
0:02 The TV is still black. I look down and notice three red lights surrounding the power button.
0:03 I desperately try to reset the system. No change.
0:04 - 1:00 Soft weeping.

Yes, our dear Kyle got the RRoD. We've actually had quite the little epidemic going on around staff lately of general Xbox 360 failures -- three in two weeks. Our luck on Joystiq may be bad, but our sister-site Xbox 360 Fanboy (X3F) isn't immune. They had two of their three writers have a system die on them (one of them twice). Just remember that you're covered under warranty for the most part and to tell your system you love it every day, because it may be the last time you ever see it alive. Now, please pardon while we go get the lasagna out of the oven and sit shiva at Orland's place for the afternoon.

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