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Super Puzzle Fighter leads today's PSN update


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will be available later today on the PlayStation Store. For $10, players will be able to play Capcom's beloved puzzle game with new 1080p HD graphics, new gameplay modes, improved game balance, and new backgrounds created by Udon. Oh, and did we mention: online play?

For those unfamiliar, the point of the game is to move and rotate gems to form groups of the same color. By destroying gems of the same color, players will send counter gems on their opponents. In Tetris-fashion, when the screen fills up to the top, the game is over. The three game modes include:
  • X-Mode: Classic Puzzle Fighter
  • Y-Mode: Gems automatically break when three or more gems of the same color line up in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Z-Mode: Players move a 2x2 cursor around the screen rotating the positions of the highlighted gems; more gems are added from below, moving all the current gems toward the top.
In addition to rebalanced gameplay, players can also create their own drop patters through Counter Gem Edit. Online Ranked Matches will use the "TrueSkill system" for balanced fights. Finally, online leaderboards (a requisite for any online game) are included. Stay tuned later for more information on today's Store update.


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