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TimeShift alters past, demo phases into Xbox marketplace


We checked with Ziggy, and she says there's an 85% probability that we didn't know about this. We're sending in Al to make sure this isn't a mistake, but a TimeShift demo has phased into Xbox marketplace. The game is available to demo well in advance of its Oct. 30 launch.

The demo for TimeShift seems like your standard FPS fare. The location is a City 17 Half-Life 2 dystopia with propaganda blaring through the city, you have Max Payne meets F.E.A.R. powers -- except you can reverse time a little as well. One utterly obnoxious oversight is that you can't actually alter scripted history in the game. There's a scene very early on where a guy screams, "I don't want to die!" A soldier then caps the guy in the back of the head. If you reverse time, you can't kill the guy about to shoot him -- no matter how many bullets you put in his head. If you stop time, you can't take the gun out of the shooter's hands. If you slow time, you can't put your body in front of the bullet. The poor man will always die. Maybe they should have called the game TimeScript.

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