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ASH: Class breakdown


Prepare for a megaton: in Archaic Sealed Heat, black mages cast elemental spells and have low defense. Also, they wear hats. We hear white mages hang around healing people as well. Clearly, RPGs will never be the same.

Siliconera has the full goods on the character classes in the upcoming Mistwalker title, and if you've ever slipped a roleplaying game into your system of choice, it looks like you will find familiar territory here. There are some slight changes; for instance, thieves here are "stealers" (brilliant), and itemers rely on -- can you guess? -- items. When this one gets localized, we may skip the instruction manual. We must say, if the jobs are so aptly (and obviously) titled, we can't wait to see the game's dialogue. "What is this thing what has scales and breathes fire? I shall call it 'Scaly Firebreathing Thing.'"

We'll be here all week.

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