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Hardware unlocked iPhone locked again after update


Beware brave hardware unlockers -- and we mean that, you're brave to void warranty and risk handset failure to use the precious -- if your iPhone is at version 1.0 when you start your task updating it to 1.02 may erase all your hard work. Apparently Sergeij2000 over at the Hackint0sh discovered this the hard way while upgrading his unlocked iPhone and had to unlock it once again -- though he does mention that the modem did seem to stay unlocked. We expect the same will hold true for the software unlocks once rolled out -- and likely TurboSIM as well -- but hopefully a few clever solutions will appear to save us from the vicious circle we're bound to spiral into. Our only bit of advice for the short term is to let new updates soak for a few days letting the early adopters take the brunt of the grief.

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