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Motorola's bizarre MOTOROKR E8?

Chris Ziegler

So apparently magical keypads are going to be all the rage in the next couple years. Taking a cue from Optimus Maximus, perhaps? Following the Firefly flyPhone we saw a few weeks ago comes word from China of this rather bizarre Motorola prototype, apparently dubbed the MOTOROKR E8. Besides an illuminated, dynamic keypad that can change modes to provide dedicated music controls, the candybar is supposed to feature 2GB of onboard storage, the typical microSD expansion and miniUSB jack, and a 3.5mm headphone connector. The UI is brought to you by Motorola's Linux-based JUIX (MOTOMAGX?) platform powering a QVGA display. We're skeptical about the goodness of that keypad until we get our hands on it, but we guess it could be cool. Moto, care to send one over (FedEx Saturday Delivery, please)?

[Via phoneArena]

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