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Philips showcases wireless SHD9100 headphones

Darren Murph

As the rush of new Philips paraphernalia continues from IFA, along comes a new set of wireless cans dubbed SHD9100. The digital wireless HiFi headphones boast a sleek, glossy black color scheme, an equally stylish charging base station, and tout "up to six hours non-stop listening" on a single charge. Furthermore, the device sports a lightweight headband, breathable fabric ear cushions, 40-millimeter drivers, an operating range of 40-meters, and "automatic tuning so that they can be installed without requiring any complex manuals or instructions." Regrettably, Philips didn't bother to mention how much this sucka would run, nor how soon we'd be able to pick one up, but feel free to click on for another look or two.

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