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Hands-on with GamePark's GP2X F-200


Confessions up front: we're pretty hot for any device that sports some sort of console emulator, so when faced with GamePark Holding's GP2X, which currently boasts of SNES, NES, Genesis, MAME and quite a few other gems, it's a little difficult to rein in the enthusiasm. That said, the new F-200 could use just a little bit of slimming -- you have to really mean it if you're going to carry this thing around instead of your PSP or DS. Otherwise we found the unit to be quite comfortable to hold and use, responsive enough in the OS department, and completely packed to the gills with features. Video playback is sluggish, but games loaded and performed quite well. We weren't able to test the F-200's new touchscreen, which is the only upgrade of the device over the existing F-100, but apparently it will be implemented as a mouse controller for developers to do whatever they want with the Linux device. And trust us, they will.

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