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Japanese NiGHTS trailer sort of a nightmare


Throw another Pokémon dipped in gasoline on the hate-fire of the Wii as a casual system. The trailers for NiGHTS on the Wii have been very Disney-esque so far, and this latest one above is no exception. Now they've even added some ear-bleeding Disney channel afternoon music to go with it, like the type of music you can't imagine ever got past marketing ... sort of like the Blue Dragon boss music. Yes, the song is from the original, but 10 years have gone by -- they are supposed to be marketing to a new generation, not just appeal to our nostalgia like Atari Classics Evolved. This is a new game.

Granted this is a Japanese trailer, so maybe when the marketing starts up over here they'll drop the bad vocals, go full (midi) orchestral and tone down the Disney. The real question is if those who were excited about this game before still are? It's pretty hard to drop the ball on marketing the return of NiGHTS, but boy is Sega doing its best to pull it off.

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