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Uniea takes a gamble on iPod nano fatty, preemptively makes case for it

Ryan Block, @ryan

Let's get this out the way right here and now: to the best of our knowledge, Apple doesn't really provide pre-release units to accessories partners -- even the big ones -- to help them get their products out the door faster when new gear drops. Most cogent example? See the non-existent Made For iPhone accessories market -- accessories with their own electronics could have an 8-18 month lead time, so we still probably won't be seeing the first proper iPhone add-ons until closer to the holidays.

Which is why it's so weird that Uniea would go out on a limb and produce a hard leather case "for new iPod" (which we've been affectionately referring to as the nano fatty). Did they really just tip Apple's hand? Probably not. If any accessories-maker WAS going to get the new iPod early, we doubt it'd be some unknown company like Uniea. Besides, a few grand in costs for cheap Chinese accessories production secured them all kinds of PR-marveling at their leak-or-gamble product (including this here post on Engadget). Well, we're calling this one a gamble, not a leak, so there you go.

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