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BioShock designers talk a lot on Bonus Round *spoilers*


We're going to place the video after the break of Bonus Round's Geoff Keighley interviewing two of the main designers behind BioShock. Although the video doesn't contain massive spoilers, for those looking to keep the game fresh, or are just starting to play it on this long holiday weekend in the US, we do recommend watching it at a later date. Those of you already done learning the secrets of Rapture in this chapter of the BioShock saga, we'll discuss more and have the video after the break. Would you kindly finish the game people ... we can't hold off talking about it openly for much longer -- there's stuff we need to discuss.

In this episode of Bonus Round, Geoff Keighley speaks with Bill Gardner, lead level designer, and Hogarth De La Plante, senior artist for BioShock. They talk about a whole mess of things and give a good look at many of the game mechanics and concepts we haven't been talking about because we think it's best to experience the game first. For those who have let the game speak for itself and haven't dug deep into learning every little piece of minutia about BioShock, there's some interesting stuff in the interview. They talk about how there was actually a third type of Big Daddy, a Zoo, Atlas had a southern accent and that the slugs inside the Little Sisters were originally what the Big Daddy protected -- but harvesting or saving a slug really didn't create that emotional/ethical dilemma.

The two designers make it sound like there's some things in the works at 2K Boston and there might be a team split to focus on continuing BioShock. Gardner and De La Plante allude they are working on a separate project and that pieces are getting shifted around for BioShock 2. "There's a lot more to Rapture to tell," says Gardner. De La Plante continues, "Our art team is still invested in the style of Rapture ... we love working in that style, it's so fun." Now, would you kindly watch the video below and leave a comment. Thank you.

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