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Sharp Aquos, the musical

Steven Kim

Move over Hasselhoff, entertainment in Germany has a new face. Follow the link for video footage from Sharp's Aquos booth at IFA 2007 in Berlin last week. You have to watch it for yourself, but here's the synopsis -- four dancers (with headsets, of course) open with a kind of interactive video mime thing, then transition to an upbeat, Hi-NRG song and dance number. The best, though, comes at about three minutes in, when they "break down the fourth wall." Priceless. Bonus points to anyone who can decipher the lyrics for us. The Aquos displays are some of the best LCD's out there, and we always recommend that you put your own eyes ahead of the spec sheet, but we're unsure of how to factor this bit of edutainment in. File under "Chocolate Rain" for the HD crowd.

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