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Time to move, final Halo 3 RvB video released

Dustin Burg

And so the five part Red vs Blue Halo 3 mini-series comes to an end with the release of episode five entitled "Moving Day". This final episode (embedded above) chronicles Reds' packing, moving, complaining and overall attempts to get their security deposit back from their Coagulation home. And let it be known that if ever one mistakes a home's mold infested floor for furry 70's carpeting then that residence should be evacuated and sterilized ASAP. Eesh.

Anyhoo, this sadly ends the five part mini-series which only means that we're closer to Halo 3's release. And be sure to re-live every exciting moment of the Halo 3 themed Red vs Blue episodes over at GameStop. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you didn't have to say goodbye.

[Thanks, grigdog]

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