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Accell launches UltraAV 1-2 HDMI Splitter

Darren Murph

Yeah, there's already a number of devices on the market to split that HDMI signal, say, ten different ways, but for those just needing a traditional 1-to-2 split, Accell's got you covered. The UltraAV 1-2 HDMI Splitter, set to be exhibited at CEDIA, allows a "single HDMI audio / video source to send an audio / video signal to two devices." The wee box handles resolutions up to 1080p, can be daisy-chained to play with more than two displays, supports HDCP, but isn't marked as being HDMI 1.3-compliant. 'Course, the respectable $119.99 pricetag may be low enough to win you over, anyway.

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