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Even more obsessive Game Fuel purchase disorder

Dustin Burg

Previously, we told you about a group of guys over at the Microsoft is Awesome blog who stockpiled an amazing stash of 444 cans of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. We then challenged you, fellow X3F'ers, to beat their 444 can survival hoard and we're proud to say that we have a new champion. Sent in to us by NeuralLink is the photographic proof you see above showcasing him and his three friends' new record setting Game Fuel stash. As you can see, they're rockin' a twelve pack Game Fuel pyramid consisting of 55 twelve packs which translates to 660 cans of sweet liquid sugar. Congrats NeuralLink and to your crew, that 660 can stockpile should last you through your 24 hour Halo 3 all-nighter. Drink up.

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