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Hail and well met, Supaghank!

Matthew Rossi

I don't play on an RP server, although I have a few toons on one. Still, even though I'm fairly indifferent to RPing in WoW (mainly because I think most of my characters are sarcastic jerks, kind of like myself) I am sometimes thrown by the names I see people giving their characters. Especially when, as an example (and names are being changed to protect folks who don't need to see their characters being mentioned on this blog) I see a level 70 holy pally looking for a Kara guild in Trade, and his name? Lordodeath, let's say.

Lordodeath, the holy pally.

Lordodeath is going to come heal the Kara raid, guys! Don't you feel confident now that Lordodeath is standing between you and the grave?

Now, I understand that when you're creating that character you might not be thinking 69 levels down the road. That's cool, but still, you are aware you're making a character in a fantasy MMO, so why would you name your character something that sounds dumb? It's going to be funny for what, five levels max. Then you're going to have to read the same six or seven whispers over and over and over and over again about how you named your druid Dadanktanka or your rogue Notblush. Also, was Pwninthepuss really the best you could do?

It also brings to mind what kind of person names their children things like Sthabby, but Azeroth is a strange and scary place, so I suppose that we cannot judge them too harshly.

Then again, I did name one of my characters something that sounds like a lisp, so what do I know?

What's the worst name you've ever given a character?

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