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Marvel vs. Capcom for digital download hopes Marvel exec.


In an interview with Gamasutra, Marvel's VP of interactive media Justin Lambros says he hopes to see Marvel vs. Capcom make its way to digital download. The main focus of the story for Gamasutra is supposed to be about EA's new Marvel Fighting Game, but following EA's aptly named Rise of the Imperfects, which was far beyond imperfect, you'll bear with us as we don't get excited about that and focus on Marvel vs. Capcom.

Lambros answers Gamasutra's questions about Marvel vs. Capcom appearing on Xbox Live by saying, "I'm a huge 2D fighting fan ... the Marvel vs. Capcom stuff has a definite close place in my heart, so we definitely wanna see that stuff live on." He says that there are no deals in place, but they may be considering it. Maybe when Capcom has Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (with a side of cole slaw) completed, they can get to work updating Marvel vs. Capcom, let's keep Udon working.

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