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Happy days iPhone users, more peripherals are seeing the light of day for your lovely handsets and we're doing the gruntwork of bringing some of them to you. This week we see a new case hitting the shelves, a pair of reworked headphones -- odd, but tickle-our-fancy-geeky -- a portable speaker set, and a really odd retro gadget. Have fun and if you have any suggestions for things worth covering, fire them our way.

Contourcase Showcase for iPhone
The Showcase for iPhone ($35) is a clamshell case that shields all of the phone while leaving all of the ports and connectors exposed for easy access. The edge is trimmed in the finest bump resistant rubber with the back and front accents in clear plastic.

Also included as a pack-in is a handy hip holster for those that would rather carry their device outside the pocket. We're digging this case and if you're willing to drop a screen protector on the face -- yeah, the face is indeed open, but you do need to control it after all -- it seems as if it'd provide a pretty safe home for your iPhone

Ultimate Buds
Ultimate Buds seem somewhat hobby-turned-retail-product, but they are filling a niche, namely a good and reasonably inexpensive headset. For $150, you get the headset, a nice case to transport them in, and some sonic joy of the noise isolating variety.

This headset is strangely unique in that the outfit behind them is actually retrofitting the genuine Apple iPhone headsets with a set of Etymotic ER-6i phones. So you, lucky consumers, can now have Etymotic quality-sound with the iPhone's headset adapter and microphone. We're curious to know what they're doing with all those chopped off Apple earbuds? We'd like to make a suggestion for them if they haven't found a home yet, how 'bout some sculpture in the shape of a giant Engadget Mobile "e"?

Advance Sound Devices Ltd. Retro Tune Mini Jukebox
This is a bit of fun for all you retro-loving iphoners out there, a mini Jukebox as dock with all the blinky 50's eye-candy you could ever need. Lit up by tri-colored LEDs, the Jukebox also features MP3 player input -- this may well be a mini jack, but we're not sure -- an FM radio, CD player, and remote control.

This'll definitely suit if you are looking for a kitschy gift for an iPhone-toting inlaw that loves Elvis -- not, that we don't appreciate Elvis, he's the king after all. No mention of pricing, but we if we catch wind, we'll be sure to plop an update in.

Logic3 i-Station traveller for iPhone
iPhone is all about the music, too, not just phoning and MMSing texting, so with that in mind the good people at Logic3 bring us a portable speaker system -- potentially a first, or so they say. At only 6 and a half inches wide when closed, the speaker set slides open to allow your iPhone to dock (both horizontally or vertically) and play its tunes through the powered 4W, 32mm neodymium drivers.

The i-Station can be powered via a wall outlet or four AAA batteries while on the road. Of course, since the iPhone is a GSM handset, it can create significant interference with audio devices, but Logic3 assures that precautions were taken to insulate the deck from noise. For about $60, this seems a pretty decent novelty and would likely find itself at home while poolside or on picnic.

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