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Samsung F330 music slider gets official

Chris Ziegler

Though any shot it had at basking in the spotlight was stolen by the B&O Serene II that we happened to peep at the same time, Samsung's F330 looked to be shaping up into a fine device in its own right -- and now that the phone's specs are official at IFA, we're gonna go ahead and stand by that statement. The SGH-F330 is a music-centric slider (notice the prominently placed track controls) with 1GB of onboard storage, microSD expansion, and an FM radio. Naturally, you get stereo Bluetooth to pump the melodies up to your ears, primary and front-facing cams, and 3.6Mbps HSDPA. No word on a release date or carrier, but outside of Europe, we're going to venture that the odds are slim.

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