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Wii outsells PS3 three-to-one in Japan, Xbox 360 continues napping


The Wii has outsold the PlayStation 3 approximately three-to-one since its launch in Japan. A report in Bloomberg lays out the numbers from Enterbrain, which should be new information for anyone who doesn't read our weekly Japanese hardware sales post.

Wii has sold 3.4 million units, PS3 sits at 1.1 million and the Xbox 360 eating sushi off a working girl's stomach and just chillin' with 442,290. Microsoft knows they're tanking in Japan, an interview with Peter Moore a couple months ago showed they were just more amused by PS3's failure. Things aren't that much different over in the States between the Wii and PS3 -- except the Xbox 360 actually bothered to get out of bed, shower and go to work.

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