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Analysts believe 80GB to go $499 this year


With all the 60GB PlayStation 3s out of the warehouse and finding homes, it's time for the analysts to say that the 80GB PS3 will drop to $499 (duh) -- this year (wha?). Both Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter and -- please sense the Alan Rickman octave change -- simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich, believe there will be a price cut for the 80GB model before Jesus' birthday.

The analysts go on to say what you can probably just guess. Unless Sony wants to eat a huge helping of "we are total jerks," they'll have to drop the 80GB price to remove the clearance sale tag their 60GB model has been stuck with since the PR nightmare during E3 week when they announced the price drop and followed it up on Friday by announcing a discontinuation of the 60GB model. It's all about the timing now. When will the 60GBs be gone? Who's buying them with this second price drop ready to pop out? We know it has to happen for the sake of PR.

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