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Epson's Dreamio series of 3LCD projectors give us plastic vertigo


It's not much to see... ah hell, it downright hurts to look at, but this 3LCD projector swivels 180-degrees and includes a DVD player so that's gotta count for something right? Right!? That heaving box of white slabbery is Epson's EMP-TWD10 Dreamio 3LCD projector. We'll run down the specs, quick-like so you can look away: 1,200 lumens, 1,000:1 rated contrast ratio, 720p resolution, 140W E-TORL lamp, 2x 10W speakers, 1.2a HDMI and 28dB operational noise. There, now go. Masochists; you go ahead and peep the 480p, EMP-TWD1 little brother after the break but really, don't, we beg you.

Hey, we warned you.

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