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Forum Post of The Day: Five reasons to roll

Dan O'Halloran

Player Magdar of Grim Batol server was interested in rolling a druid and asked for five reasons to do so. Players responses ranged from practical (versatility, survivability, instant cast flight form) to hilarious (more dance emotes than any other class). Even CM Tharfor got in on the fun with his list:

1) You get claws.
2) You get to be a bear.
3) You get to be a bear with huge claws.
4)You get to rip things to pieces as a bear with huge claws.
5) Apparently they make good healers when they are not being bears... (but I wouldn't know anything about that!)

But it got me thinking. With many players having seen most of TBC with their mains, there's probably a lot of alt creation going on right now. So tell us, what are the five reasons someone should roll your favorite class?

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