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Guildwatch: The drama trifecta

Mike Schramm

I never, ever thought this would happen, but apparently people are actually trying to be the biggest Guildwatch drama story now. Someone emailed a tip in hoping that his drama would be highlighted here on the front page, and unfortunately, while his tip was good (a massive PvP battle after a forum flame war), it just didn't match up to this mega ninja/ gquit/ game quit from Barthilas. But better luck next week, drama queens!

This week's GW starts right after you click the link below. And don't forget: the place to send all your info about drama, downings, or recruiting notices is Onward!


  • Wow, this one's nice. So Gestahl over on Barthilas was a member of Apocalypse a while ago, until a Paladin named Papanasty, angry that he didn't get the Bloodmaw Magus-blade for Paladin tanking, basically reformed the guild into Deliverance out from underneath Gestahl. As revenge, Gestahl decided to ninja Gruul's loot, right before quitting the game. He even put the whole thing on YouTube, so if you've never seen an epic ninja go down, here's your chance. Most people thought it was funny (and it is), but a few folks weren't thrilled at the whole thing. Meanwhile, Gesthal has supposedly quit the game for good (even though he's still posting on the message board?), and Deliverance is now recruiting.
  • Two good pieces of news from Dath'Remar this week. The first is a ninja alert: Hunter Gulyabani of Suppression apparently accidentally rolled need on Quagmirran's Eye (a caster trinket), and then was so angry about being kicked for an accidental roll that he ninja'ed the Primal Nether.
  • And this one is not quite as funny: when someone hacked Omega's website about a week ago (this was all I could find), the guild apparently posted a topless picture of a girl they thought was close to the hacker-- they'd gotten the picture, a screengrab from a webcam, from the girl's ex-boyfriend, who apparently was also an ex-guildie. Not super cool, as she apparently quit the game after a little forum drama, and we're told the guild's leader, Hoorah, as well as the player who posted the photo, Currrt, don't regret what they did at all.
  • I have no idea what happened here exactly, but apparently Dust on Scryers booted some guy who "was dual boxing his account with an imaginary wife that never talks." Make sense of it if you can.
  • Drama from Gorgonnash: Starts in a progression thread that becomes a flameware thread, and leads to an all-out battle in front of SSC.
  • You are SO dead (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Kael'thas split this week when the GM decided progress wasn't happening as fast as he wanted. He and his buddies have reformed as Birthright.
  • A few folks are jumping ship from Sovereign on Whisperwind this week, because apparently the guildleader is cracking down: mandatory raiding 4-5 nights a week, and no Karazhan runs but those sponsored by the guild's officers. The problem? Apparently this guildleader, despite being the least-geared tank in the guild, has made himself the prime MT. And since he doesn't have a Heroic Key to his name, a requirement for raiders to have all Heroic Keys has mysteriously disappeared from the guild's forums.
  • Remnants of Twilight on Feathermoon-A killed Void Reaver for a guild first, and then took down HKM and Gruul with one-shots to celebrate.
  • Reign of Shadows on Shadow Council-H downed Mag after working on him for over three weeks. Lurker's on notice!
  • Stradomis from Greymane-A says his guild just dropped Gruul, which is great, but he didn't actually tell me his guild's name! The Armory says it's Legend and Lore. Grats!
  • Forged on Sentinels-A finished off Gruul and have Mag on notice after only being around for a little over a month. Cool.
  • The Kabal on Hellscream have cleared Karazhan and are starting off in Gruul's. They're also seeking a few more healers to help them out.
  • Fate on Eldre'thelas rocks: two Kara groups, two clears, two nights. Too nice.
  • More good news from Marginal Heroes on Draenor: Team Biznatch one-shotted Illhoof and Shade, while the main raiding group dropped HKM and got Gruul to 60%.
  • Absolute on Emerald Dream dropped Leotheras the Blind on their first night of attempts. Vashj, baby-- you're on notice.
  • Highbourne on Exodar-H finished off Magtheridon after working him over for a while.
  • Vex of Eitrigg dropped Gruul on their second attempt, followed by lots of screaming (happy, I hope) on Ventrilo. And I'm told that "Sorins Singing" got the killing blow-- does that mean someone sung him to death?
  • Final Justice of EU Aszune-A dropped Gruul after wiping for a few weeks. So yeah, they handed out his final justice.
  • Shah'raz is dead, and Darkstorm of EU Al'akir did it with the candlestick in the Billiards Hall. And they also gave a Clue (get it?!) to the Illidari Council.
  • Solstice on EU Shadowsong-H apparently danced on Gruul's corpse. In other news, Gruul's family, including the two sons who received his inheritance, have decided to sue.
  • The Departed of Kul'Tiras dropped Vashj for an Alliance first and a server second. Nice job!
  • Elysium of Suramar killed the Prince (and the "legions he commands") in Karazhan. "Pally tank ftw," they say. Right. Video or it didn't happen.
  • Squad Thirtysix on Scarlet Crusade-H is a good casual guild mostly working on solo growth and the occasional group quest or five man. Apparently they killed the first 35 squads to get their name, but success hasn't fazed them-- they still believe in baby unicorns and that WoW goes great with scotch. (I agree!)
  • Bushido on Farstriders-H is aiming for Karazhan and beyond-- they're seeking a new Main Tank, and some skilled healers and DPSers, message Rodalom in game for more info.
  • Kinship of Azeroth is a reroll guild on Area 52-A is accepting all classes of all levels to casually make their way to 70. They offer lots of good times and special guild events.
  • Gods of War on Thunderlord-H is a friendly small guild for the casual player, who are famous for their "Gods of Gurubashi" Gurubashi Arena team. They're recruiting all classes for good natured fun.
  • Draconic Savant, who graced GW last week with their pictoral presence, sends word that they're recruiting for SSC over on Bloodscalp-A.
  • Ravage on Anvilmar-A is looking for a few good Shadow Priests, Rogues, Hunters, and Warlocks. They're 5/6 SSC and 1/4 TK, so if you're looking to jump right into high end raiding, look 'em up.
  • Bloody Oath on Ner'zhul-H is seeking Australasian timezone people for Kara and beyond. They're specifically seeking tanks, including Feral Druids and Holy Paladins.
  • Tough Love on Maelstrom needs about ten more experienced raiders to start doing 25 mans.
  • Born from the Ashes on Laughing Skull is a group of core raiders who split off from a larger guild. They've got Karazhan on clear and are trying to fill out a 35 man team for the higher level raids.
  • Flames of Eternity a.k.a. FoE on Ravenholdt is recruting all classes 30+ for PvP and instances.
That's it for this week's GW-- put your tips (anonymous as always, although if you really want to be credited, let me know and I'll do what I can) out to Until next week, happy raiding!

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