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Kane and Lynch movie gets fast-tracked

Justin McElroy

Apparently, Lionsgate likes what they're seeing in an adaptation of forthcoming Eidos action game Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. IGN reports that the studio has fast-tracked the film to start shooting in the fall from a script by Kyle Ward. (We'll save you a click, he's done one movie and you haven't heard of it.)

According to IGN though, you probably have heard of at least one of the actors who are interested in playing one of the lead roles. If Lionsgate is looking for name actors here, we'd like to throw in a suggestion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan. No one would see that coming. Now, if they'd complete the Home Improvement trifecta and cast Taran Noah Smith as a cop hell-bent on bringing them to justice, we'd go ahead and pre-order our tickets today.

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