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Luminous Arc 2 loves big butts and it cannot lie

Eric Caoili

Perhaps to counter Luminous Arc's mediocre review scores and lacking sales, character designer Kaito Shibano has shifted the sequel's art direction away from the ample bustlines of the original game, instead drawing our eyes to the only thing boys dream about more than online-enabled SRPGs: callipygian women.

The above image, minus the Sir Mixalotism we've added (of which we have many we're waiting to share with you), greeted us upon our arrival at the official Japanese site that publisher Marvelous Interactive set up yesterday. There's not much available in the way of new media, but the character section is sure to eventually include a better look at the witch antagonists's cheekier outfits.

Of course, while we're on the subject, we have to ask: Are you a Luminous Arc kind of guy, or do you consider Luminous Arc 2 Will more of a priority?

[Via GBA Temp]

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