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NFL refs to carry Sprint devices on field for weather updates

Chris Ziegler

Never mind the fact that these guys have to spend sixty-plus minutes every Sunday running up and down 100 yards of Astroturf, risking life and limb standing mere feet away from gigantic men pummeling one another for a little piece of inflated pigskin -- heading over to the sidelines to check the weather is apparently too much trouble for the men in the black and white stripes. Sprint has announced an agreement with the NFL to offer "wireless devices" of some sort to refs preloaded with a WeatherBug-driven alert app to warn them of incoming severe weather during games. You know, tornadoes and the like -- things that are liable to get a game postponed or canceled. That's cool and all, but if they get a Motorola Q9c before we do, we're gonna lose it.

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