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PodWorks now works with your iPhone

Scott McNulty

PodWorks is one of those apps that you don't know you need... until you need it. This $8 app allows you to copy music from your iPod to your Mac. 'Wait', I hear you saying, 'isn't that what happens when I connect my iPod to my Mac anyway? You're dumb, this post is dumb, and so is this app.' Hold your horses, my impatient rhetorical device! PodWorks allows you to copy music from your iPod to any other Mac without having to sync it to iTunes.

I'm sure you're aware that Apple, and the major content producers, imagine the iPod/iTunes relationship thusly:

  1. Buy an iPod (or iPhone).
  2. Buy lots and lots of music and videos from iTunes
  3. Sync your iPod/iPhone with one iTunes library
  4. Reach nirvana
It is true that as of late Apple has allowed you to use the iPod to transfer music purchased from iTunes from one registered machine to another, but PodWorks let's you transfer any song from your iPod to your Mac. But that's not all! The most recent version of PodWorks also recognizes iPhones (as you can see from the screenshot above. And yes, my iPhone is named Scott Phone. Got a problem with that?).

I have recommended PodWorks to scores of people, and I recommend it to you. It is well worth the $8 price tag.

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