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SCi/Eidos admits takeover talks


It seems that somebody wants to buy the company behind Eidos, which owns the rights to Tomb Raider, Hitman and many other game franchises. SCi Entertainment, parent company of Eidos, confirms that they are in discussions of a buyout. Shares rose 13% on the news, but no official proposal was made yet. SCi acquired Eidos right as E3 2005 started. According to Gamasutra, in January of 2006 there were already takeover talks of SCi, including Midway and Vivendi.

Although those talks apparently ended early last year, the rumor mill had it that Time Warner was now interested in them, this led to a licensing agreement. It'll be interesting to find out who wants to buy Ms. Croft and Agent 47. Eidos has definitely seen an upturn in recent years, so hopefully whoever buys them will only continue down that path.

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