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Sony tries to secretly wiki-diss Halo 3 and fails

Dustin Burg

Our friends over at Sony HQ must be at their whits end with all this Halo 3 talk, because they devilishly and secretly stuck it to the Halo franchise with a ::gasp:: Wikipedia revision! Using WikiScanner, it was discovered that an IP address originating out of Sony's UK studios edited the Wikipedia entry for "Halo series" dissing Halo 3's graphics. Sony's Wiki revision poked fun of the game's graphics by saying that they "wont look any better than Halo 2". Ouch Sony, just ouch. But don't worry Halo fanboys, because the Halo series wiki entry has since been corrected and set to a semi-locked status. Take that Halo haters!

But in all seriousness such Wikipedia revisions are quite common and aren't a huge deal. Although, when it comes to business, these types of online tactics are somewhat sophomoric and sad. Maybe Sony will learn from this and hire someone from outside their company to do their Halo 3 hating. Oh snap!

[Via N4G, Thanks Marasai]

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