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Ubisoft imagines better boxart


We are pleased with Ubisoft right now. We won't lie; our goodwill is mostly the result of the incredible Jam Sessions and the fact that Ubisoft is taking a big risk in releasing it.

However, even within the context of something we're not pleased about in general, we can find reason to praise the company. Specifically, the terrible, stock-photo-bearing boxarts for their Imagine series. Ubisoft has redesigned the cover art for the series, switching out the fonts, losing the bubble-based layout, and replacing the images with something presumably not pulled from an iStockPhoto preview image.

Absolutely the best thing to come out of this development is the accompanying NeoGAF thread, which has been loaded with absolutely hilarious (and, occasionally, vaguely NSFW) Photoshops. Just look at those, and the new official boxarts, and not the screenshots of Imagine Babyz.

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