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Alone in the Dark PS3 gets an even bigger delay [Update]


Alone in the Dark already got a delay recently, but this is a delay within a delay, as the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark will not come out simultaneously with the Xbox 360 and PC version. Speaking with EuroGamer, Atari does not give a reason for the delay, but makes clear to emphasize that the PS3 version is still in development.

We're not saying that we're used to these PS3 delays by now -- but we totally are. No reason is ever cited for the delays, and even some of them are embroiled in controversy. Whatever, if we're just focusing on Alone in the Dark, the real question is if the game will see the light of day during its current release time frame which is before March of next year.

Update: OK, Alone in the Dark PS3 is not more delayed than before.

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