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Apple Stores selling seven times the iPhones, and it's no wonder why


In addition to all the big numbers from that iSuppli report, there's one more fun little stat that's come out about the iPhone's sales: Apple Stores outsold AT&T stores by a factor of seven to one.

Is anyone surprised by that at all? I've actually had the experience of shopping for an iPhone in both an Apple Store and an AT&T store (whenever I see either, I always stop, trying to psych myself up enough to finally buy one), and there's no question why Apple Stores are selling so many more-- there's almost no sign of the iPhone in AT&T's stores. While they have all of their other phones on display, the iPhones are kept in the back, and all I saw out front was a brochure. When I asked if they had them, the saleswoman didn't even have a model to show me.

In sharp contrast, anyone who walks into an Apple Store can pick up and play with an iPhone for as long as they want, which technique do you think sells more iPhones? Now, AT&T may not actually care that much-- if you're actually in an AT&T store, odds are they make more money by selling you any phone besides the iPhone, so maybe they're not concerned that Apple's steamrolling them but given the two experiences, there's no question why so many more iPhones are going out the door at Apple Stores.

Update: A few commenters are saying that some AT&T stores do have demo units in them. I haven't seen them in the couple of stores I've visited, however.

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