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Castlevania's XBLA future looking grim


At GDC earlier this year, we asked Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi if he would consider making an original Castlevania title for Xbox Live Arcade. He told us that he was interested, but didn't elaborate beyond that. We hope you haven't been keeping your hopes up, because Igarashi has more or less declared that an XBLA iteration isn't in the cards. When asked by 1UP if a new downloadable Castlevania title was in the works, Igarashi responded, "There are two reasons why I am reluctant to create a game for such channels: 1. The price is frankly too low for what we'd want to do, and 2. Most of the next gen players are expecting really high fidelity games, so I'm really not eager to go that route."

While an XBLA iteration seems doomed, Igarashi did note that preliminary planning for a new Castlevania title on consoles has begun. Unfortunately, there are no concrete details yet. We're just shooting from the hip here, but we'd bet good money it will feature vampires.

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