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Study: One in four white collar workers game at work

Kyle Orland

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job like ours that lets -- nay, encourages -- you to play games while on the job. That doesn't seem to stop many white collar workers, though, according to a recent study commissioned by casual game maker PopCap.

The study, conducted by Information Solutions Group, found that 24 percent of white collar workers played games while on the job. More surprising (or perhaps less, depending on how cynical you are) a full 35 percent of the senior executives surveyed said they gamed at work. Of those who played at work, 53 percent said they did so at least once a day and 14 percent admitted they played during business meetings or conference calls. The overwhelming majority of work gamers said they did it to "feel more relaxed and less stressed out."

Before you go decrying the death of the American work ethic, realize that the survey was conducted on 2,842 random visitors to, a group likely to be playing games anyway. The results might also be skewed because the overwhelming majority (72 percent) of respondents were female, and, as we all know, women make up a majority of casual gamers. Still, take comfort the next time you sneak in a quick game of coffee break Tetris. You're not alone.

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