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Apple giving early iPhone buyers $100 credit

Scott McNulty

You were not happy, and Steve Jobs listened. Apple has posted an Open Letter from Steve (yet another blog post, Steve? When are you going to make it official? You know, we are looking for bloggers... I'm just saying) in which Steve acknowledges that the iPhone price reduction was the right thing to do, but that Apple needs to think about those who bought an iPhone early on and not just those who will buy one during the holiday season.

Apple will be offering a $100 credit to the Apple Store (both online and physical stores) for anyone who purchased an iPhone before the break reduction and who hasn't received any other kinds of credit (i.e. if you get a refund from Apple or AT&T already you won't get another sawbuck). While I still think the reaction to the price reduction was way overblown, this is a great example of Apple listening to their customers and trying to make the situation right.

Details are still being worked out, but look for them to be posted on next week.

Well done, Steve and company.

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