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Mitsubishi's CEDIA booth tour

Darren Murph

Up next on our journey through CEDIA 2007 is Mitsubishi, which seemed to separate its projectors from the rest of its inventory on the floor. Nevertheless, the firm did have a micro projector in action alongside the beastly HC6000, and just across the way were too many HDTVs to count. Interestingly, Mitsu chose to erect an entire wall of its own to show off a few UltraThin Frame LCDs, but we utilized the questionably scientific finger-gap test to show that these sets weren't quite as thin as Toshiba's RF350U. Another treat came when we witnessed a trio of incredibly engrossed (or bored, 'twas hard to tell) individuals trying to make sense of a 3D display, so be sure and share in the fun below, capiche?

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