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Moore: EA Sports can take on Nike and ESPN

Dustin Burg

The enjoyable and ever so determined Peter Moore is all about shooting for the stars at his new job at EA Sports in Cali. No really, he wants it all and is going for it.

In an interview with the New York Times, Moore lays out his goals and vision for the EA Sports brand, hoping that he and his team can turn it into a general sports brand that could go up against others like Nike and ESPN. Moore's ambitious vision sees a future where sports camps, on-air broadcasts, retail products and stadiums (okay, maybe not stadiums) will be branded with the EA Sports logo, similar to how Nike already runs business. These are all lofty goals indeed, but we say go get 'em Peter. And if ever you get in a bind or business gets rough, get yourself some new ink and rock a sleeveless shirt around the office. The morale boost would be immeasurable.

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