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Moving on: Deleting your ex's Mii

Eric Caoili

Heartbroken, Chris Buffa did what any sentimental guy would do after a painful break-up: wrote about it in his blog. The GameDaily editor-in-chief made sure to update his readers on the event, how he has been coping, and his dilemma over what to do with the Mii his ex-girlfriend left behind.

Ultimately, after several hundred words of introspection, Chris erased her large-headed avatar, wishing her the best. Would you have made the same choice? Or would you have loaded your ex's Mii into Wii Sports boxing, pummeling him or her until your own body gives out, exhausted and sobbing?

As for us, being the maudlin fools we are, we would've left her Mii to live there, only a few button presses away whenever we'd need to see her again. Friends would try to take us out for a night on the town to cheer us up, but we'd look for any excuse to head home early so that we could sit by the TV, our fingertips on her digital face, singing to ourselves, "I've been looking so long at this Mii of you, that I almost believe that it's real. I've been living so long with my Mii of you, that I almost believe that the Mii ... is all I can feel."

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