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Nokia and Apple both target price drop searchers (Updated)


In among all of the furor about the big iPhone price drop yesterday, there is, of course, marketers trying to ply both sides. Nokia was first with the Google ad you see above, in the results page for "iphone price drop"-- they called out early adopters and tried to lure them to something called Mosh, apparently some kind of social network. I really doubt any iPhone users would join a Nokia social network, even if they were unhappy about the price drop, but nice try Nokia.

And then Apple came up with a little plan of their own. As you can see on the right, they wrote their own "late adopter" Google ad, cheering on folks who purposely waited for an iPhone price drop (like yours truly-- OK, it was so much on purpose as it was being cheap, but still).

Now, most of the tipsters who let us know about this (thanks everyone!) were pretty unhappy that Apple so clearly targeted folks who waited, but that whole $100 rebate thing probably eases the pain a little bit, eh? Can you really blame these marketers for seeing a clear demographic and driving for it?

UPDATE: Cory O'Brien emailed us and let us know that Apple didn't place this ad, he did. Read his whole story at his blog.

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