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Red Octane says Wii will have GHIII online play, no DLC initially


Following yesterday's ProG interview with Red Octane pres. Kai Huang that the Wii's Guitar Hero III would not have online play, there seems to have been some miscommunication. Red Octane contacted Joystiq to let us know that what Huang meant to say is there would initially be no downloadable content for the Wii. They reaffirmed that there will be online play.

Our immediate question about the online play was, "How are you implementing that?" The Red Octane rep. said they have to check with the developer and get back to us. The whole initial no downloadable content thing for the Wii we understand. The Wii Shop channel is definitely not set up for DLC like PSN or XBM, not to mention the Wii doesn't come with very much storage space for downloading in the first place. We'll wait to hear how the online play will be implemented, but we fear 12-digit game codes, on top of our 16-digit Wii codes, on top of Nintendo criminal background checks.

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