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The lore we make

Amanda Rivera

With so many fascinating places and quests in the game, players can get caught up for hours (or days, or weeks) in the world that Blizzard has created for us to play. But the beautiful thing about an MMO is that in the game we encounter the stories already in the game, as well as create our own. Many of us have built backstories for our characters, but have you ever considered taking a step further?

Recently a player applied to a guild that has been creating their a lore of their own for their boss kills. Converge (A) on the Anachronos realm doesn't just post the normal group photo with the corpse of [insert epic monster here]. Instead they weave a tale about their exploits. Their most recent addition to this catalog is a poetic guide to running Karazhan:

Attumen, a Huntsmen and his good horse Midnight,
Offers a gear-check to prove you can fight.

Hyakiss, Rokad and Shadikith three,
Hide in the shadows before coming to see.

Moroes, with four friends, will vanish a lot,
Then return with the gift of a crunchy garotte.

The Maiden, all holy, makes no exemption,
And kills your tank during peaceful redemption.

I know I am eternally fascinated by the artwork of the game, and I am equally overjoyed to see that artwork created about or even in the game itself. It's important to realize that we can create something beautiful with the tools given us in WoW, and we can use our creative talents in addition to simply playing the game. Have you encountered any personal lore or artwork created about the game?

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